Abstract: Wi-fi or WSN sensor networks are potentially one of the mainly significant technologies of this century. Current development in wi-fi communications and electronics has enable the development of low-value, low-energy, multifunctional minute devices for use in remote sensing applications. The mixture of these elements have stepped forward the viability of using a sensor community which includes a huge variety of clever sensors, allowing the gathering, processing evaluation and dissemination of precious facts amassed in a selection of environments. Sensor community protocols and algorithms have to own self-organizing abilities. Every other specific function of sensor networks is the cooperative attempt of sensor nodes. Sensor nodes are appropriate with an onboard processor. As opposed to sending the uncooked records to the nodes accountable for the fusion, they use their processing talents to domestically perform easy computations and transmit handiest the specified and in part processed records.

Keywords: WSN, LEACH, Dead Nodes.