Abstract: Android is the latest and a rapid growing technology available for all the users or customers in now days market. This project is mainly aims to provide an effective facility of bus pass through mobile Application. It also uses database to store data about passenger. This system has two logins, one for user side and another for admin side. In this project bus pass generation as well as renewal system has been provided. It is mobile application which is build using Angular JS and IONIC framework. Ionic is one of the best frameworks used to develop application now days. Angular JS and Ionic provide most custom methods and components to interact with application. Now days Ionic 2 support the universal windows platform for building windows 10 applications. It is an android application for people to get bus pass through online which is very useful as it reduces paper work, time consuming and makes process in simple and faster way. User can renew their existing pass by extending their validity of time when pass expires. Admin can view all the details and balance of user through its login. This system was intended to develop a mobile application to perform functions like accessing information for authentication and provide pass to particular person. So, users donít need to stand in queue for long time. This system is helpful for people to get a pass. User can get a pass from anywhere and anytime. There is no need to do manual process. The benefit of this project is no one can reuse issued pass due to photograph and unique id. The notification will generate before expiring monthly pass. This is beneficial for every passenger to get pass in time. The one time password will be generated for every user while registering first time. Aim of this system is to generate daily and monthly bus pass.

Keywords: Angular JS and IONIC framework, Bus Pass Generation, Ionic 2.