Abstract: India could be a nation that has the one in all the biggest NonLane primarily based road network within the world. Several developed nations these days use Intelligent transit (ITS) to resolve traffic connected issues and supply sleek and safe ride on roads. The road traffic congestions area unit continual drawback in Republic of India. One in all the foremost reasons that cause tie up is that the poor infrastructure and perspective of road users in Republic of India. VANETs area unit wide rising in several developed countries as a more cost-effective, distributive and cooperative tie up system. The well-known tie up drawback in each surroundings has negative impact on several areas together with economy, surroundings, health and life-style. Recently, variety of solutions supported vehicle -to-vehicle communications were planned for tie up detection and management. Vehicular Ad hoc networks (VANETs) area unit accustomed collect and combination period of time speed and position info on individual vehicles to optimize signal management at traffic intersections. Vehicular Ad hoc networks (VANET) could be a promising technology to alter the communications among vehicles.

Keywords: Traffic Congestion, Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET), Traffic Information System.