Abstract: There has been plenty of interest in building and deploying sensor networks. These networks are composed of a high number of very easy nodes wherever the majority of them ought to perform the function of a router also. Energy consumption of these nodes is important issue because the power provide of the node is provided by restricted batteries methodology, which limit the lifetime of the links additionally to whole networks. The energy treatment of network sensor node is serious issue for long lifespan of the network. Because the sensor nodes are being acting like routers as well, the choice of routing algorithm would be a key role within the energy consumption control. in this review paper we have done study and also the analysis of varied research work associated with Energy efficient Routing in Wireless sensor Networks in order to design an energy proficient path routing protocol for WSNs that's efficient in terms of the energy usage of the whole network such network wouldn't get disconnected because of the energy depletion of its nodes.

Keywords: clustering, Energy, Efficient, hole, Routing, static, Wireless Sensor Network.