Abstract: Microstrip Patch Antenna (MPA) provides low profile and low volume, so it is use in a now a days in communication device. A new high gain, multiband H-shape slot loaded microstrip patch antenna is presented in this paper. By introducing wideband H-shape slot antenna multiband are merged together which gives the maximum bandwidth of 22.1% and the gain of 6.7522 dBi. The antenna is printed on a dielectric substrate, backed by a metal board, and directly fed from a 50 O coaxial cable. Using HFSS software package according to the set size, the antenna is simulated. The composite effect of integrating these techniques and by introducing the novel slotted patch offers a low profile, wide bandwidth, high gain and compact antenna element. The computer simulation results show that the antenna can realize wide band characters. In this paper, a design of H-Shape microstrip patch antenna is given for multiband operation. This type of smaller antenna has application in mobile phone for Wi-Max, Bluetooth, C-band, S-band and also for other wireless applications.

Keywords: Microstrip Patch Antenna, Multiband H-shape slot, Coaxial Probe and HFSS.