Abstract: Automation is the current need of industries. There are number of technologies that are growing to achieve the good automation in the plant. Industries have been automated with machines that allow for fully automated tasks without or little manual intervention. Well here we propose an internet based industry automation system that allows a single industry operator to control industry appliances with ease using ARM7 processor and IOT. Our proposed system allows for automation of industrial loads to achieve automation over internet. We use IOT for the web serve interface and ARM7 processor to process and run circuit loads. User is allowed to send commands for machines/ load switching over internet using IOT from anywhere in the world over internet. The ARM7 processor captures these commands by internet over wifi connector. Now the ARM7 processes received data to extract user commands. After getting commands it displays it on LCD display. Also it switches the loads on/off based on received commands to achieve user desired output. The system thus achieves industry automation over IOT using ARM7 processor.

Keywords: Arm7, Internet of things (IOT), GSM, LCD, Wifi.