Abstract: The objective of the paper is to numerical computation of the two Soliton interaction in the optical interleave division multiple access channel. Solitons are used in O-IDMA because they have tendency to maintain their shape over a long distance. This occurred because of the interaction between nonlinearity and group velocity dispersion in anomalous region. Due to the individual pulse with, loss in O-IDMA channel and spacing between pulse, Co-propagation Solitons do interact and share energy. Conduct various simulation. The interaction of two Slotion can be express with the help of Korteweg de Vries Equcation. Simulation is done with matlab. The simulation result shows that, two Soliton are travelling in channel and after a certain distance get attached and evolve a giant pulse. If propagation further continue then they get separated as if they walked through each other. With the help of simulation result , a careful choice of pulse, pulse separation and fiber parameter can be helpful for avoiding the Soliton interaction in O-IDMA channel. To improve the intensity of the Soliton prism mechanism can be used in O-IDMA channel.

Keywords: Soliton interaction, kerr effect, GVD, Nonlinearity.