Abstract: Agriculture is one of the important sector in India. Most of the Indian population is engaged in agriculture occupation. Most of the Indian farmers do farming in traditional way they are unaware of new technologies and trends in market. Farmers work hard for growing good quality of crop. Indian farmers also have to face adverse climatically effects. After this when farmer sells there agriculture produce in market they are cheated by the market traders and commission agents. All these factors lead to making Indian farming community economically infirm. Information and communication technology (ICT) can play important role in agriculture sector to increase income and economical standard of farmer. Agriculture is very information intensive industry but information related to this sector is not properly maintained. The advantages of ICT will be very helpful for providing accurate and timely relevant information about weather and market prices to farmers this will be helpful for facilitating an environment for remunerative agriculture. In this paper we are interested to introduce a new web portal system based on agriculture market which will be helpful for farmers and market traders to sell and buy agriculture products easily and efficiently. Our system intends to provide reliable and efficient communication and interaction platform between different stakeholders of market like farmers, traders and government officials. System will provide timely updates about weather information, market prices and minimum support prices of different crops. System focuses on making use of advantages of ICT to bring transparency and accuracy in Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) and making Indian farmers ready to compete with farmers of developed countries in globalised market.

Keywords: Data mining, K- means, Apriori algorithm, k-NN Algorithm, Weather API, APMC, E-Agriculture.