Abstract: Appropriate soil water level is a necessary pre-requisite for optimum plant growth. Also, water being an essential element for life sustenance, there is the necessity to avoid its undue usage. Irrigation is a dominant consumer of water. This calls for the need to regulate water supply for irrigation purposes. Fields should neither be over-irrigated nor under-irrigated. The objective of this thesis is to design a simple, easy to install methodology to monitor and indicate the level of soil moisture that is continuously controlled in order to achieve maximum plant growth and simultaneously optimize the available irrigation resources on a monitoring software LabVIEW and the sensor data can be seen on Internet. In order to replace expensive controllers in current available systems, the Arduino Uno will be used in this project as it is an affordable microcontroller. The Arduino Uno can be programmed to analyse some signals from sensors such as moisture, temperature, and rain. A pump is used to pump the fertilizer and water into the irrigation system. The use of easily available components reduces the manufacturing and maintenance costs. This makes the proposed system to be an economical, appropriate and a low maintenance solution for applications, especially in rural areas and for small scale agriculturists. This research work enhanced to help the small-scale cultivators and will be increase the yield of the crops then will increase government economy.

Keywords: IOT, LABVIEW, Rain Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Microcontroller, Arduino.