Abstract: In wireless networks, the secure data communication is needed to collect data from source to destination. Collected data are transmitted in a path consisting of connected links. All existing end-to-end routing protocols propose solutions in which each link uses a pair-wise shared key to protect data. In this paper, we propose a novel design of secure data communication. And energy drain rate, relative mobility estimation to predict the route lifetime. But this has given a problem of network congestion and delay. In this paper, we investigate the Secured Routing and data delivery(SRD) between the source–destination pairs in wireless networks (WN), where Anonymous node expose their selfish behaviors, i.e., forwarding or dropping data services. Manage the Anonymous node information in terms of its available resources, the employed incentive mechanism and the quality-of-service (QoS) requirements, and the other terms of their historical behaviors. In this framework, we used DSR Routing for Route Detection and Route Maintenance. Under the Anonymous Detection management, in this framework we used Random Key Pre-distribution (RKP) a security key management for secure path selection criterion is designed to select the most reliable and shortest path in terms of routing available resources.

Keywords: Wireless networks, Public-key cryptosystems, Key Pre-distribution, Mobile nodes, Secure Authentication.