Abstract: A remote LAN system can be checked utilizing an android phone when the administrator is not present at the place of system but rather he/she is far from it. The venture point is to secure the system or a LAN by actualizing such a product which is empower to complete operations which are able to screen entire of the system, sitting on one seat by survey remote desktop, passing messages to remote framework and is likewise ready to close down the framework by performing remote prematurely ending operations. The components introduced in the application which can be introduced in an android telephone. This venture is to give the most extreme insights about the system to the director on their screen without knowing them their clients. The director can see the static picture of customer's desktop and afterward he/she could send cautioning message to the client to stop that operation instantly. Indeed, even than if customer don't stop than manager has the office to prematurely end the framework remotely or restart the framework whatever vital he considers. The issue of security and approval is additionally tended to at expressing how the application made is open just to an approved individual.

Keywords: WLAN, Framework, Android Handheld Device.