Abstract: Unmanned underwater vehicle system is a very vast area for research. many organizations are currently working on this. UUV system use contract net protocol to establish the communication. There are many tasks to cover by the one system. This UUV system is design on multi agent based system. In the area of multi agent system contract net protocol is widely used for the establishment of communication between agents. In my research I focus on the working strategy of CNP. There are different areas like genetic algorithm, multi robot task allocation, reservoir flood control system, structural health monitoring, underwater unmanned vehicle system in which CNP works. Although, various algorithms are proposed to improve the efficiency of CNP and they are real effective but there is some area which is untouched for a while. In this paper there is a survey on the interaction protocols on MAS, mainly CNP and also the application area of unmanned underwater vehicles system.

Keywords: multi agent system , interaction protocol, contract net protocol, underwater vehicle system.