Abstract: Over the several decades, there have been improvements in Digital cameras including resolution and sensitivity. Other than these improvements, digital cameras are still limited in capturing images in low-light conditions. Video in low light is targeted. Many approaches are developed to improve the quality of low light video; however most of them consider video from moderately dark conditions. In this project, we propose an effective framework approach to enhance video from low light condition using noise removal filter technique and Weber’s law used to detect the background in video in poor lighting. Finally, the performance of the proposed technique is illustrated through the processing of videos with different backgrounds, the majority of them with poor lighting conditions. The proposed method not only enhances the contrast but also measuring image quality by using MSE, PSNR and Correlation factor. Experimental results show that the proposed method has good performance on enhancing contrast and visibility for a majority of images. The software tool used is a MATLAB.

Keywords: Video, Enhancement, Low Light, Weber’s Law, MATLAB.