Abstract: The Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) technology is one of the core technologies of developments in healthcare system, where a patient can be monitored using a collection of tiny-powered and lightweight wireless sensor nodes. However, development of this new technology in healthcare applications without considering security makes patient privacy vulnerable. In this article, at first we highlight the major security requirements in BAN based healthcare system. Subsequently, we propose Robust and Efficient Authentication Scheme (REAS) based healthcare system using WBAN - HealthCare, which can efficiently accomplish those requirements. And then we used Lightweight Authentication Protocol for secure data sharing in WBAN. Using secure key management Scheme. WBANs not only bring us conveniences but also bring along the challenge of keeping data’s confidentiality and preserving patients’ privacy. In the past few years, several authentication schemes for WBANs were proposed to enhance security by protecting patients’ identities and by encrypting medical data. However, many of these schemes are not secure enough. First, we review the most recent REAS scheme for WBANs and point out that it is not secure for medical applications by proposing an impersonation attack. After that, we propose a new REAS system for WBANs and prove that it is provably secure. Our detailed analysis results demonstrate that our proposed REAS scheme not only overcomes the security weaknesses in previous schemes but also has the same computation costs at a client side.

Keywords: Wireless Body Area Network, Robust and Efficient Authentication Scheme, Security