Abstract: Nowadays, actual record of fuel filled and fuel consumption in vehicles is not maintained. It results in a financial loss. To avoid this loss, monitoring and tracking system is implemented by an IOT based Fuel Monitoring in vehicle. The fuel monitoring system is built on ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip. This system uses Hall Effect Sensor to calculate the information about tank’s current fuel level and also the amount of currently inserted fuel. It delivers data to the ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip. ESP8266 chip is a hardware which connect flow sensor and server, then server send that data on users android app. On the unavailability of device it stores data into memory. This system is based on IOT technology which provides security to user identity to authenticate access and identify impersonated devices or fake devices in the network. The purpose of the IOT is to make possible things to connect at any time, in any place, with anything and anyone ideally using Network and service.

Keywords: IOT; ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip; Flow Sensor.