Abstract: Photo sharing refers to the transfer or publishing of a userís digital photos online and the website which provides such acquaintances offer services such as hosting, uploading, sharing and managing of photos through online system. This function provides the upload and display of images through the websites and applications. The usage of online photo galleries including photo blogs is increased. The photo sharing term can be set up and managed by individual users. It means that other users can view but not essentially download the photos, users being able to select different copy-right options for their photos. Unfortunately, it may reveal users privacy if they are permitted to post, comment, and tag a photo liberally. Communication feature on social network is not secured. Users can not send confidential message through social chat. To address these problem, this project proposes an efficient facial recognition system that can recognize everyone in the photo. Online photo sharing applications have become popular. To share photos with a range of people, it provides users various new and innovative alternatives. The photo sharing feature is incorporated in many social networking sites which allow users to post photo for their loving ones, families and friends. Encryption technique is applied for communication between users. AES algorithm is implemented for encrypting chat. For users of social networking sites such as Facebook, this system focuses on the privacy concerns and needs of the users, at the same time explores ideas for privacy protection mechanisms. By considering users current concerns and behaviors, the tool can be designed as per the userís desire which they can adopt and then can be motivated to use.

Keywords: Social network, Photo Privacy, Secure Multi-Party Computation, Collaborative Learning.