Abstract: In a distributed wireless sensor networks,maintaining topology and reducing frame loss is much needed for effective transmission. The wireless sensor network consists of a various number of sensor nodes which used for sensitive data collection like military surveillance. Conventional topology networks are used for homogeneous networks. Whenever a node failure occurs in the network topology, existing protocols initiates route discovery process. However, to find a route, the existing protocol flood the network which is independent of the node location. This also reduces the overall performance of the network with unnecessary packet retransmission. We overcome this problem by making efficient topology network with fault detection. In this paper, we propose an algorithm called disjoint route vector. It is used in a hetero genius wireless sensor networks. In this algorithm, assigning transmission range for each sensor node such that forming p-disjoint paths in heterogeneous networks. So if a node failure occurs it only checks p-1 nodes in the worst case instead of all the nodes in the network. Our simulation results show the time taken for proposed algorithm is relatively less.

Keywords: WSN, disjoint route,transmission range,supernode,sensor node.