Abstract: This paper shows the possibility of exploiting the features of E- cipher method by using both cryptography as well as Steganography methods to send and receive the message in more secured way and shows the different methods are available and an comparative study on Substitution cipher. Proposed methodology shows that successfully using these Poly substitutions methods (Proposed E-Cipher) to evolve a new method for Encrypting and decrypting the messages. In poly-alphabetic substitution ciphers (E-Cipher) the plaintext letters are enciphered differently depending upon their placement in the text. As the name poly-alphabetic suggests this is achieved by using several two, three keys and random keys. Combinations instead of just one, as is the case in most of the simpler crypto systems. We can use Poly substitution method combining the features of cryptography for text encryption by 2 keys and 3 keys and even more then 3 keys to make the decryption process more complicated. After this process, file is compressed; the compressed file is hidden in image file using LSB method, the same process is applied reversely to retrieve the source message by Genetic keys.

Keywords: Genetic Algorithm, Encryption, Decryption, Genetic Keys, Mono Substitution, Poly Substitution., object.