Abstract: Computer networks and data communication networks can be classified based on the range or span of the network. One such classification is the Body Area Network. Serious research and an outlook for alternatives in this field are in progress and in this paper; a small module of it is presented. An inter-body network or inter-Body Area Network is considered to be one Autonomous entity and its behaviour within and between two are more autonomous entities are analysed and the result is stored in the cloud. Simple algorithms enable the person or systems entitled to receive or dump the real-time data from/to the cloud. Open Shortest Path First protocol or the OSPF protocol is used as the Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is used as the Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP). As BANs generate large volumes of data, the need to manage and maintain these datasets is of utmost importance. A robust Database Management System (DBMS) is essential and must dynamically store and share real-time data of the network.

Keywords: Inter-Body network or Inter-Body Area Network, Real-time data from/to the cloud, OSPF protocol, Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).