Abstract: On an increase in demand of vehicular transportation, the vehicular traffic has increased. This resulted in need for constant alertness of the drivers, especially for the four wheel drivers. They have to maintain their proper state of driving to maintain safety of goods and people. In this paper we are studying about the driverís condition for driving and driverís safety. The general reason for the road accident are the drowsy condition of the driver and the blind spot region while lane changing or overtaking. These two are the main highlighted things to be considered in this paper. Firstly, for the detection of drowsiness the eye blink detection is used, in which the eye blink rate is taken as parameter for determining the drowsiness of the driver. The drowsiness detection system is implemented using Android App. In our project we are going to use Ultrasonic sensors, as image processing will take more time for processing than sensor processing. We are going to check whether there is vehicle in the sensor range or not. If vehicle is detected, immediate alert will be given to the driver, from which side there is chance of crash if we try to change lane. In addition we are implementing a safety system in the vehicle which will detect the accident of the vehicle. And if accident is detected then immediately vehicles location will be sent to the number so that family members and Ambulance service provider will come to know about accident and both can take proper action.

Keywords: Blind spot detection, Drowsiness detection, Android app, Accident alert system.