Abstract: In our contemporary world, multimedia transmission over wireless networks has grown in recent years, so there is more attention from research community. Providing a high quality multimedia transmission over wireless is challenging as it surrounds with strict timing constraint and high bandwidth demand. The Wireless communication is associated with challenges like limited bandwidth, interference and mobility which make it more difficult and challenging. In this paper we propose a new adaptive scheduled random network coding (ASRNC) scheme for video streaming over wireless IEEE 802.11 protocol. Such model is built on the fact that network coding can increase the quality of networks in terms of throughput enhancement and delay reduction. The model is practically implemented and integrated with network simulator (NS-2). BonnMotion is used as a movement generator so it helps to create different movementsí scenarios. Movable and Static scenarios of the underlining wireless network were integrated with NS2 in different movementí speeds. Dynamic of movement scenarios were include the random waypoint and random street. The performance evaluation factors of the quality of multimedia streaming includes calculation of latency, jitter and packet delivery rate. The proposed ASRNC has increased multimedia streaming quality with both static and mobile movements, as it was compared to simplified multicast forwarding (SMF) as an optimized traditional broadcast scheme.

Keywords: ASRNC, network coding, wireless networks, multimedia streaming, video transmission.