Abstract: A broad range of socio-economic inequalities are commonly appear in the Indian cities. Such an undesirable occurrence reflect on the spatial variation of quality of life. The paper shows the ward-wise inequality in the distribution and accessibility of public amenities in a Jodhpur city. Inequality in the study area evident in the form of unequal provision of urban amenities within city. Provision of two urban amenities i.e. education and, health facility were studied. The Z-score was then used to determine the spatial pattern of provision of the two facilities in this study. The results of the analysis showed that inequalities exist in the provision of accessibility of education and health facility in study area. The paper suggests that local planning authority must keep pace with the urban sprawl in order to make certain the equitable distribution of public amenities in the city.

Keywords: Spatial, Public Amenities, Inequalities, Z-score, GIS.