Abstract: VANETs (Vehicular Ad-hoc Network) are characterized by a very dynamic topology with partial infrastructure support, patterned mobility, and mobile nodes with sufficient amount of resources, intermittent connectivity and varied channel behavior. For this purpose, we always use the location information that vehicles share among them through repetitive messages that are transmitted in the VANET system. This paper proposes a methodical approach to improve the Quality of Service (QoS) evaluation in wireless and mobile networks. In this proposed framework, we used novel schemes for secure transmission and big data collection in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks. Secure information collection scheme for big data in large scale IoV. Single sign-on algorithm for authentication are utilized with improved efficiency. The proposed secure data exchange algorithm using message digest and random key contributes to overhead reduction. The business data is transferred in plain text form while the confidential data is transferred in cipher text form. The collected big data will be processed using hadoop architecture to achieve the unified management. In experimental results the proposed secure information collection scheme achieves high efficiency and security for big data in large scale IoV.

Keywords: Vehicular ad-hoc network, Quality of Service, Security Mechanism, Big Data Collection.