Abstract: In recent days, usage of internet is increasing so; authentication becomes the most important security services for communication purpose. Keeping this into consideration, there is need of robust security services and schemes. This paper proposes Group Authentication authenticates all users at a time belonging to the same group. The (n, n) Group Authentication Scheme is very efficient since it authenticates all users if they are group members. If they are nonmembers, then it may be used as a preprocess and apply authentication before and it identifies the non-members. Also, if any of the users present in group authentication is absent then the group is not authenticated at all, as each share is distributed to each user. It results in best authenticated system as the Group Authentication is implemented with Neural Network. So it becomes complicated for hackers to hack each neuron in a neural network. The Neural Network based group authentication is specially designed for applications performing group activities using Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme.

Keywords: Group Authentication; Backpropogation Neural Network; Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme.