Abstract: World is developing rapidly, roads without pothole is challenge for the every country. Different countries have different strategy to develop roads. But bad roads lays many problems like accidents, slowdown the transport system, harm to vehicle and humans. Condition of roads indirectly effects on growth of the country. Hence there is need for such system that can detect potholes, notify the correct information of pothole to driver and driverless car and also notify to respective central service in order to repair the pothole. The proposed system is to detect the potholes using smartphones using inbuilt sensor (accelerator and gravity sensor).This system collect pothole information using step counting algorithm and send it to the central server, server processes data using simple machine learning algorithm and classify the potholes into different category .System will process data from thousands of smart phone and i.e. system takes experience of every smart phone and learn from it. Due to inheritance of experience system is much more accurate. This system is easy to implement with no any extra sensor, cost effective and gives accurate results.

Keywords: potholes, smartphone sensors, Autonomous vehicle, android application.