Abstract: This paper mainly concentrates on providing secure access of cloud data. As the data stored in the third party server maintains access permission details such that who can access the data. Since the access environment is cloud, multiple user may intends to store and fetch the data. Retrieval details of one user would not reveal to other users due to security reasons. Moreover, this paper provides the achievable security merits by making use of multiple distinct clouds environments with simultaneously in confidential mode. The dual encoding is carried out in the cloud environment which is varied from one group to another for secure data transmission process. Thus, different users are allowed to decode different pieces of data as per the security policy. This effectively eliminates the need to rely on the storage server for preventing unauthorized data access. The paper implements an algorithm namely Enhanced Multi Replica Strategy to CPDP (MRS-CPDP) control policies with user revocation capability. However, secure cloud storage system supports secrecy of the information.

Keywords: Hybrid Cloud, Security Metrics, Revocation, Multi Replica Strategy, CPDP, Hash Index Hierarchy.