Abstract: In businesses today it is very important to understand the importance of real time monitoring of the data servers that are connected through internet and distributed globally. Such servers holds the real-time enterprise data which will be used to improve the business. To ensure peak performance of applications running on servers, the server hardware must be working well, the servers should be sized well to handle their workload, and there should be no resource bottlenecks. Hence, we have to make sure that these servers work properly without any faults. The servers should be properly monitored to ensure optimum throughput from the system. Server Monitoring helps understanding serversí system resource usage which can help in capacity planning and provide a better end-user experience. Logging can also be monitored to analyze the event occurrences. Performance and configuration monitoring is also mandatory to reduce the downtime of servers and increase the efficiency of processors. Server monitoring provides the data relating to operating system and when used in conjunction with other monitoring data from the application a true glimpse can be obtained into the working of the system. Our proposed system monitors services like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Processes, Component reachability etc. Moreover, alerts can be sent to authorities in various forms when a specified event takes place. Thus, the concerned authorities can make changes to keep the system up and running.

Keywords: Server, Monitoring, Services, Resources, Faults, Alerts