Abstract: This paper gives a solar photovoltaic (SPV) array fed water pumping machine using a switched reluctance motor drive. The virtual commutation of SRM power at critical frequency gives decreased switching losses in a mid-factor converter and drastically Increases the efficiency of proposed system. The velocity of SRM is controlled by using numerous the dc-bus voltage of the mid-point converter. A DC-DC Boost converter running in continuous conduction mode (CCM) is used for dc-bus voltage manipulate. The CCM operation of inductors helps to reduce the ringing impact and decreases the losses of DC-DC converter. Present day and voltage stresses on devices which consist of switching pressure of Boost converter are also reduced in CCM. The Boost converter facilitates The non-stop and clean input/output currents to SRM force with boundless place for maximum power factor tracking (MPPT) operation. The adjustment in step length of an Incremental conductance (InC) MPPT set of policies helps the smooth starting of SRM force. The proposed system, subjected to dynamically atmospheric situations is designed, Modeled and simulated the usage of Matlab/simulink environment. A prototype of proposed configuration is likewise superior and its performance is established with test results for manipulate of pace over various insolation ranges.

Keywords: Non-stop conduction mode (CCM), Boost converter, Incremental conductance (InC), maximum power point tracking (MPPT), switched reluctance motor (SRM).