Abstract: Development of web applications or other applications such as windows applications, android/iOS applications are generally carried out in two stages –Back-end development [1] and Front-end development. In this paper, we illustrate the back-end design of a web-based application using MySQL [2] as the back-end tool. In a web application, different categories of login exist like user login, client login, and the administrator login or the admin login. The administrator of a website enjoys added privileges as compared to the user or the client. In this paper, we illustrate the added privileges that the admin savours and his role in managing and amending the website when needed or on a periodic basis. An admin is responsible for adding, deleting and editing employees and employee information; protecting the website against intrusions by proper security settings and encryption; manually adding, deleting or editing items for sale and manually checking the sales report in case of report corrigenda.

Keywords: Back-end development and Front-end development, user login, client login and the administrator login, ER diagram, Referential Integrity, Relational Database Management System, MySQL, database, PHP, HTML and JavaScript.