Abstract: Autism is a potential threat to the present world as a great number of individuals in the world have been suffering from autism. Some studies indicate that one in every 300 newborn babies is autistic, and others estimate that one in 166 has autistic behavior. Autism is characterized by i) impairment verbal and non-verbal communication, ii) impairment social interaction, iii) lack of imagination, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Newly emerging theories of neurological functioning in autism are highlighting inter-regional functional and anatomical connectivity of the brain. In the present work, a computational model of the neuron is constructed using electrophysiological and morphological data to analyze autism. The data are considered for the rat sub-thalamic neurons as various researchers indicate that rat sub-thalamic neurons are tantamount to human neurons. In pursuing the study, simulation software NEURON is used to create neurons and connected them. From the response of the simulation experiment some characteristics of autism are explored.

Keywords: Computational, Brain, Modeling, Neuron, Autism, sub-thalamic.