Abstract: Because of the progressive changes in the innovation and creation of cellular networks, the versatile clients are using ubiquitous internet access. As the mobile internet access becomes heavy in densely populated cellular base stations, there are several challenges for cellular operators in providing constant speed to all users without throttling speed connection. We have provided load balancing in selected base stations called drop zones where the cellular infrastructure is upgraded and internet access is provided at low cost. There is more chance for drop zone to be overloaded beyond its capacity due to low cost and good speed and as it is located in populated areas. Drop Zone approach with load balanced dynamic source routing protocol forms ad-hoc network with incoming mobile hosts if it needs to download prefetched content by other mobile hosts. If the incoming mobile host need to upload content and if the capacity of the drop zone is overloaded then the mobile host is routed to the nearby normally loaded drop zone by knowing the userís route.

Keywords: Load balancing drop zone, DSR, Cellular Networks.