Abstract: This paper deals with the online voting system that will make the voting system smart, more secure and easy to vote. This paper illustrates a system which can be is linked with Aadhaar card. In the whole country Aadhaar card Number is Unique for every person and it contains biometric information of each citizens. So it will be helpful in eliminating fake Voting. The proposed model has a greater security in the sense that voter high security password is confirmed before the vote is accepted in the main database of Election Commission of India. After voting user want to cross check their vote then they can confirm with reference of unique id, which was generated by ECI. In this model a person can also vote from outside of his/her allotted Constituency or from his/her preferred location. Our system also facilitate the live streaming of vote counts thus saving a huge time by providing on time result.

Keywords: AADHAAR ID based online election, Reference ID, Candidate ID, Online voting system, Election commission of India, Unique identification authority of India.