Abstract: The project aims to develop a device that allows file transfers between two USB memory devices without the need for a Personal Computer. Now a dayís portability is most important. So to achieve this, we are designing such a system which can be carried out anywhere. Generally, we used to transfer data between two pen drives by using laptops or desktops. But it is not always possible to carry such a large size device to the particular location. So to solve this problem, we are designing a hardware which is more compact to carry anywhere. With the help of this project we can not only transfer the data but also we can see the transfer of the particular file which we want to send by using Touch display Interface. In our implementation, we are transferring the data between two pen drives without using any computers or laptops. We have designed a project which is known as pen drive to pen drive data transfer, in which we will be transferring the data between two pen drives using ARM processor [4]. In the block diagram we can observe, Whenever we insert the pen drive into the USB port then a signal will be sent to the ARM processor indicating that senderís pen drive is inserted so now ARM processor will start fetching the data from the senderís pen drive into the buffer and ARM processor waits for the signal from destination receiverís pen drive. When ARM processor gets the signal from the destination pen drive now ARM processor is ready to transfer the data between those. Thereafter the ARM processor should get the input from external hard key from the user, once the user press the hard key the ARM processor gets the information to transfer the data between two pen drives [2][4].

Keywords: USB, FAT, Flash disk, Touch Screen, ARM.