Abstract: Blood pressure (BP) monitoring is not yet practically available for daily use. Challenges include making the system easily wearable, reducing noise level and improving accuracy. Variations in each personís physical characteristics, as well as the possibility of different postures, increase the complexity of continuous BP monitoring, especially outside the hospital. This work attempts to provide an easily wearable solution and proposes training to specific posture and individual for further improving accuracy. The wrist watch based system we developed can measure electrocardiogram (ECG). From these two signals we measure pulse transit time (PTT) through which we can obtain systolic and diastolic blood pressure through regression techniques. We proposed Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring and Triggering System for Hospital, which is focused on the development of a convenient device for continuous blood pressure (BP) monitoring with wireless communication interface. The reliability of long-term automatically monitoring is the main focus for current paper. 18 healthy subjects were tested with the continuous BP monitor against a brand of community-based BP monitor. Accuracy assessment of the monitor has been accomplished.

Keywords: Blood Pressure, Electrocardiogram, Photoplethysmogram, Pulse transit time.