Abstract: The issues on public health care and how to make right decisions on public health care. This helps in effective use of data and how to utilize the data in a proper way including improvements. The purpose of this study is to examine the use of data usage considering issues related to that. The study is analysed to over-come with the issues at public health care system by using certain methodology. The major prospect of this methodology is to make out the organizations between usage of data and data mining to help with decision making at various levels of public health care in India. The designed model also shows the improvements on decision making using analytical skills. Despite skills are not only required or not only sufficient in public health. Thus by combining the decision making with models would generate strong platform for data mining. To apply the constructed models are possibly the high effective involvement that enriches usability of data. In order to support the analysing of data and non-stop assessment of models on approved set of indicators of success on which their presentation are assessed of India.

Keywords: Public Healthcare; DSS; Data Mining; CRISP-DM; Decision Making.