Abstract: Over Environmental past two decades, change in climatic condition is a worldwide concern that is affecting humans and economies all around the globe. This paper explicates qualitative study of green computing executions and environmental sustainability peculiarly by Information Communication Technology (ICT) companies. Antecedent results through a large online inspection are considered in this research work. This research study cynosure on environmental protection and scrutinizes technologies implemented for compliance with the government rules. Green Computing technologies actualizes an organization to remarkably scale down the energy consumption, evolve energy efficient products and cut down e-waste by embracing reuse and recycle policies. Efficient policies can slash down the utilization of non-renewable resources and rebate the generation of waste. This publication deliberates numerous attributes of environmental sustainability and strategies enforced or proposed to minimize the pernicious effect caused by usage of computing.

Keywords: Environmental Sustainability, Greenhouse gases (GHG) emission, Climate Change, Sustainability, CO2e.