Abstract: The main purpose of wireless sensor networks is data gathering. The sensor is sense environment and then network aggregation (fusion) of data packets after that sends back to the base station. The data fusion is applying on intermediate nodes because of take a deep knowledge about an event. An intermediate node is deciding the sequence of data packet which it sends the neighbours node. The data fusion is used on intermediate nodes when all incoming data packet arrived. At the same time reduce the total traffic on a sensor. Therefore maximize the lifetimes of sensor networks and supporting the QoS. The different sensors in deployed in an area and cooperate transmission of data with each other, this network is known as multi-sensor network. In this review paper is based on maximizing the network lifetime using different algorithm. These algorithm is based on traffic planning, traffic scheduling and traffic management in multi-sensor environment improve the network lifetime.

Keywords: WSN, Routing protocol, QoS, homogeneous WSN, multi sensor, data fusion.