Abstract: Vehicular ad-hoc network (VANET) is an advanced technology that uses vehicles (represented as nodes) to create a self creating network without any infrastructure and has provided an emerging platform for researchers and industrialists. VANET rely only on vehicles themselves in order to provide basic functionality of networks. The security of VANET has drawn a kind attention in today’s world, because of wireless medium it is vulnerable to several attacks which affect the operations, so security is one of the main challenging issues and is mandatory for successful deployment of such technology. A robust VANET network strongly depends on secure communication and other privacy features .This article provides a brief description of various challenging issues in VANET and also presents some existing solutions for these problems. Later, we discussed current status of research and future goals. With this article, researchers and academicians can have more detailed perceptive of VANET and research trends in this emerging field.

Keywords: Vehicular Ad-hoc network, Authentication, threats and attacks, DSRC, OBU, RSU, Ad Hoc networks, Privacy.