Abstract: The society is moving towards the use of instruments like computer and mobileand as aresult, organizations are producing and storing vast amounts of data. The data called as big data is captured, stored and processed for doing analytical analysis. These data is used for the future prediction by an organization. The big data is now not only confined to a single industry. Almost all organizations are involved in big data analysis. Big data is of vast amount and is so complex that it canít be processed using traditional datamanagement tools or processing applications. Data mining is performed to gain information from the unstructured voluminous data. This paper discuss about the formats of the big data that is available in the stock. It reveals about the stocked big data sources which can be the web, the social media data and the black box data and also that how complicated it is for the management to capture such a high speed voluminous data.Managing and gaining insights from the produced data is achallenge and key to competitive advantage. Analytics solutionsthat mine structured and unstructured data are important as theycan help organizations gain insights not only from their privatelyacquired data, but also from large amounts of data publicly availableon the Web.

Keywords: Analytical analysis, big data, structured data, unstructured data,big data analysis, black box, data mining.