Abstract: This society is moving toward the age of instruments and socialization, where instruments such as mobile phone and cameras are a vital part of it. In this age of digitization, the most common way of socialization is sharing photos on the social sites such as Facebook and Instagram and with every passing second the sharing of photos is increasing and due to this there are several factors that are needed to be taken care of. First of them is its security and second is to Image processing. This is the most essential aspect of image sharing all around the world. As sharing large and high definition of image require a lot of storage space but the larger the size the slower it gets, so we need a technique which will maintain the aspect ratio of the image as well as maintain its size for faster processing and loading using different technologies or different platforms as well. This paper is all about the different techniques required for the purpose of maintaining the security and to process and tagging methods of images shared on different social sites.

Keywords: Socialization, Digitization, Image processing, Security.