Abstract: An Intelligent Tutoring System is based on cognitive learning theory which is a learning theory interested in how information organizes in humanís memory. ITS are intelligent programs which know what, how and whom they will teach so computer play an important part in education and instruction aims are performed and suggested in this work. In this paper described of ITSs in educational application and demonstrate used modules in ITSs. In Intelligent Tutoring System, using Pre-quiz evaluation the knowledge level of the student is measured by asking objective type question to the student. And the system automatically allots and registers the details of the student according to their performance level. According to the level of the student allotted by the system, the study material is provided. In this system the student level is categorized into three sections, beginner level, average level and excellent level. In this system, tutor is registered by the administrator; this system has monitored all the apparition has based on student Id, who help in managing quiz creation for evaluation purpose and study material creation according to each level of student. And Student can also ask any queries or doubts to the tutor for any clarification. To clarify important terms in a concept, this system automates the key terms will search expand and definition by matching with the database, whenever the students move to the curser on the keyword. The server show immediately the keyword expands and also illustration. In advance this system provides solution student immediately because the tutor also available on another side, which helps the student to have searched with the study material with any keyword terms. The quiz evaluation each phase of section is made, which helps the student to know their l evel if they perform well they are upgraded. Reports are also managed by this system.

Keywords: Intelligent Tutoring System, Student, Java, learning.