Abstract: The image fusion is one of the emerging advanced technology in the field of research. It is mostly used for challenges of Face Recognition. Image fusion is the combination of two or more source images which vary in resolution or image capture technology into a single composite representation. The main objective of an image fusion algorithm is to integrate the redundant and complementary information obtained from the satellite images in order to form a new image which provides a better description of the scene for human or machine perception. In this paper, we used a method based on the curvelet transform which represents edges better than wavelets. Since edges play a important role in image understanding and also enhances spatial resolution to enhance the edges. Curvelet-based image fusion method provides wider information in the spatial and spectral domains simultaneously.

Keywords: Principal Component Analysis , Eigen faces, empirical mean, peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR), Fusion, Multiresolution analysis, Wavelet transform, Curvelet transform