Abstract: This paper aims to identify optimal deployment locations of the given sensor nodes with a pre-specified sensing range, and to schedule them such that the network lifetime is maximum with the required coverage level. Since the upper bound of the network lifetime for a given network can be computed mathematically, this knowledge is used to compute locations of deployment such that the network lifetime is maximum. In this thesis ultimate goal is to realize an automated monitoring network so that detection applications of various emergency events can be practically implemented. Further, the nodes are scheduled to achieve this upper bound. This project uses artificial bee colony algorithm and particle swarm optimization for sensor deployment problem followed by a heuristic for scheduling. In addition, ANT colony optimization technique is used to provide maximum network lifetime utilization. The comparative study shows that artificial ACO performs better than bee colony algorithm for sensor deployment problem. The proposed heuristic was able to achieve the theoretical upper bound in all the experimented cases.

Keywords: ANT colony optimization technique, artificial ACO, sensing range, sensor.