Abstract: In the recent trend most of the researchers are payed their attention towards to improving the human computer interaction through EOG. EOG technique using eye movements are playing important role in diagnostic, medical and industrial fields. EOG is based on eye blinks and movements. Eye blinks are typically classi?ed into three categories one is a spontaneous eye blink which occurs frequently, another is a re?exive eye blink which is evoked by an external stimulus, and the other is a voluntary eye blink which is caused by intentional eye closing. EOG is a biosignal technique for measuring the resting potential of the membrane. The ensuing signal is named the Electrooculogram. Eye movements are used to detect were the people look. The main purpose of the EOG is to assist disabled persons. This paper gives an outlook on various works done by the researchers in the field of eye blink, detection, Eye tracking and other eye movements and different classifiers which attempts to classify the eye movement using Electrooculography. Finally it gives a light on various issues related to Electrooculography and its classification techniques.

Keywords: Electrooculography (EOG), eye tracking, eye blinks, Human Computer Interaction (HCI).