Abstract: Searching exact location of the hotels, shopping centres and cinemas in the specified area is a key challenge in web crawler systems. Nowadays various new applications are introduced for querying the objects and predicting associated documents. For example, instead of getting all the list of hotels and restaurants, user would be interested in searching for nearest neighbour list. Presently best solutions to such things are Quad tree mapping as proposed in this paper. Proposed solution consists of admin component which performs addition of hotels, shopping centres and cinema details in each area with geographical location. The user component searches for hotel, shopping centres and cinema in interested area. If requested area by the user is proper then Google map view will be displayed with exact location and distance from the user place. The proposed technique constructs Quad tree Mapping based on the distance in the descending order. User also gets the longitude and latitude of the place chosen. Efficient access method called inverted index is developed for experiment purpose of web application.

Keywords: keyword search, spatial data, location based, quadtree, information retrieval.