Abstract: The necessity of cyber security is more today than ever. A proliferation of cyber-attacks is causing increasing attacks to companies, institutions and the government. The numbers of threats are increasing evidently and organizations need to counter these attacks by using appropriate security measures. Cybercrime has steadily risen to become a major threat. According to the Global Economic Survey conducted in 2016, only 37 percent of organizations have a dedicated cyber incident response plan and these need to be driven to a greater extent. Security is important for two main reasons. Firstly, due to the increase in cyber-attacks in recent years and secondly, due to the severity of these attacks which are able to compromise the security and integrity of applications. The necessity of countering cyber threats is more important in private organizations and government organizations due to high precision and confidentiality of data. As the organizations become increasingly interdependent, analysts must pay more attention to the security of their organizations. The best way to counter attacks is the use of certain security plans and procedures.

Keywords: Cyber security, Severity of attacks, precision, confidentiality.