Abstract: Nanotechnology deals with the behavior and manipulation of individual atoms and molecules whose size is less than 100 nanometers of a human genome. The break through work was announced in 1981 for the invention of scanning tunneling microscope and the discovery of nanocrystalline. Today’s scenario in nanotechnology is astounding as it has been integrated in many forms such as Nano agriculture, energy storage, water treatment and many more. Nanotechnology in the field health care offers even a wider extent of applications such as nanotubes, stretchable electronics and bleeding plastic. Nano medicine is the application of Nano technology to human health care by which the medical diagnosis of a patient and the relevant treatment can be efficiently managed. Another important parallel study about nanotechnology is the regeneration of organs and tissues. A large range of deadly diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cardio vascular diseases, neurological diseases can be treated very effectively and efficiently. The present work emphasizes on the study of concept of nanotechnology and its wide variety of applications with a case study.

Keywords: Nano technology, nano tubes, bleeding plastic, genome, Nano mediciene.