Abstract: Heart assaults can happen at whatever time and anyplace. Utilizing unavoidable innovation, for example, a cell phone and a little wearable ECG sensor it is conceivable to gather the client's manifestations and to recognize the onset of a heart assault by examining the ECG recordings. On the off chance that the application surveys that the client is at hazard, it will ask the client to call the crisis benefits promptly. In the event that the client has a heart failure the application will naturally decide the present area of the client and caution the emergency vehicle administrations and others to the individual's area. The principle goal of this article is to create individual test heart assault application to identify potential casualties, without the intercession of restorative expert. The point is additionally to make the emergency vehicle benefit accessible at the patient's area, advised by the casualty's application in the wake of identifying heart assault. The application utilizes remote body region arrange for observing the heart heartbeats and distinguishing the heart assault. The BAN utilizes particular ECG sensors that recognizes human body's electrical properties, to empower surface-wave spread around the body.

Keywords: ECG, Heart attack, Arduino.