Abstract: Nowadays with the rapid development of modern communication networks, information has been transmitted with speeds never seen before. At the same period, illegally manipulated copies of digital media can be easily transmitted and distributed. As a result copyright protection has become an abundant issue in the world wide. Digital watermarking is a promising technique to solve this problem. While digital watermarking can be implement to audio, image and video. This paper focus on reversible image watermarking. The filtering used here is the Gaussian filtering, after Gaussian filtering it uses the low pass Gaussian filtering component to construct histogram using a key and select pixel group. Then the watermark is embedded and high frequency component is combined to obtain the watermarked image. In the compression time the host image is need to compressed using wavelet compression method called SPIHT. The data is encoded by using the RS- encoder followed by arithmetic encoding. And different transmissions are occur. Then in receiver side it obtain a filtered low frequency component image and the histogram is reconstructed using the key. Watermarked message is extracted from the image. In the decompression, the received image is decompressed as followed by arithmetic decoding, RS decoding, and wavelet decompression. Hence we obtain the host image.

Keywords: SPIHT, HFCM, RS Algorithm, Gaussian filter.