Abstract: Economic growth of the world makes the life smarter and better. A smart step towards economy is introduction of automatic teller machine (ATM) for faster and easier money transfer. ATM systems today use no more than an access card and PIN for identity verification .A group of people do malpractices over this ATM system. In fact there were many such incidents reported. This paper proposes a framework which will provide high security in ATMs. The framework includes Face recognition system for face identification in case of unauthorized entry. It also includes a vibration sensor for detecting vibrations if theft occurs by smashing the ATM machine. The system also contains a fingerprint module for accessing money without ATM cards. Our proposed system will provide advanced theft security system. Whenever ATM theft attempt occurs, vibration produced from the machine will be sensed by attached sensor module to it, and a high alert message will be sent to the nearest police station. At the same time the doors of the ATM counters closes and an unconscious gas will be sprayed inside the counter. Meanwhile if someone else is using the card ie, if the user is unauthorized then after face recognition on OTP (one time password) will be send to the authorized person. And only if the real user resends the OTP the unauthorized person will be able to access the ATM.If there arises an emergency need for money and the user doesn’t have his/her ATM card, he/she can access the ATM machine by fingerprint technology. The respective user image and fingerprint will be compared and if it matches then the user can withdraw money, if the user knows the pin number.

Keywords: Vibration sensor, DC motor, RFID, Fingerprint module, GSM.